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FFASTrack by eMoney

What is FFASTrack?

FFASTrack by eMoney is an advanced, web-based wealth planning tool that offers an aggregated, comprehensive view of your financial portfolio.  The features and functions of FFASTrack enable you to actively manage your current budget while planning for the future.  FFASTrack gives our team the ability to analyze your complete financial picture, and provide more flexible, comprehensive planning services to better address your changing needs.  Click here to watch a short video of the capabilities of FFASTrack by eMoney.  If you are an existing FFASTrack user, you can access FFASTrack securely and easily online and/or on your mobile device at the following link:  FFASTrack.  If you are interested in establishing access to FFASTrack, please email your request to, or fill out the 'Have a Question' box to the right of this screen.    

What are some of the key features of FFASTrack?

Account Aggregation - FFASTrack allows you to view all of your financial accounts, across multiple custodians, in one consolidated format.  This includes financial investments, bank accounts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, and essentially any financial account that is part of your financial picture that you can access online.  The accounts update every evening, providing an accurate balance of your net worth from day to day.  Security, as with any online service, is of the utmost concern.  Many safeguards have been put in place to ensure the safety and privacy of your financial data.

Planning Tools & Reporting - FFASTrack facilitates the input of planning scenarios and data to develop one of the most cutting edge reporting packages in the industry.  And since data is updated on a daily basis, the tools and reports are current and account for changes.  This enables the creation of an accurate and fluid financial plan for you to actively manage and work towards.

The Vault - The FFASTrack Vault allows you to store vital documents such as wills, trusts, birth certificates, tax statements, and any other important documents.  Your Vault storage is available to you online and from your mobile device.  The FFASTrack Vault can be your central depository for important documents, and assist you in organizing and managing your planning process.